Nothing is the story of Charles Hill, a confessed murderer who turns himself in after two high-profile killings. Locked in an interrogation room with a psychiatrist and a detective, Charles is asked to reveal the location of his victims’ bodies. But before Charles tells the police what they want to know, he first has to tell them his side of the story, a story he needs them to believe.
Charles tells of a future world where humanity has created a utopia, a civilization hidden from a dangerous environment, protected by faith, God, and aristocrats like himself. But Charles wants nothing to do with his society, with his privileged life, a suffocating world that has given him nothing but despair.
As Charles resists the obligations of his society, he meets a man whose past reveals the dark origins of his world, a past deeply entwined with his own. Charles is forced down a path that ignites the political and religious frailties of an unbelievable utopia, a path that leads him to a different world, our world, where the only hope for our future lies in the faith we place in the words of a murderer.